Back to basics: Agile Practices

I am pursuing my work with the Senegalese startup scene through CETIC. After my first presentation on resources planning, we met today to speak of basic agile practices.

A few companies in the room (Intek and Seysoo) have been implementing Scrum for a few months now so after my slides we had a great in-depth look at the tools they use to implement Scrum (Icescrum, Balsamiq and DokuWiki mainly).

My goal today was to extract the most important (IMHO) practices of agile methodologies that can be applied individually or together to improve the performance and well-being of project teams. I split those practices into two: practices for the developers, practices for the entire team.

Slides after the break!

My selection of practices included:

  • Pair programming
  • Collective Code Ownership
  • Refactoring
  • Test Driven Development
  • Continuous Integration
  • Standup Meeting
  • Kanban (the post-it board)
  • Time-boxing - Sprint
  • Backlog
  • Retrospective
Back to Basics: Agile Practices from Thomas Sarlandie

As usual, the slides are available under the CC-BY-SA license.

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