I grew up in France with a passion for computers and the Internet and was barely an intern during the first Internet bubble. In France, I co-founded and was CTO of Backelite for six years, the french leading mobile development agency.

In 2012, I moved to the San Francisco bay area, and worked on several hardware-related and open-source projects.

After a few months in Senegal in 2013, I joined Pebble as Developer Evangelist to define the future of wearable computing!

In 2016, I joined Fitbit when it acquired Pebble and in early 2018 I left with my wife to sail our boats to Mexico. A story that we shared on

Since 2019, I am working on a modern sailing data analysis tools: Big data for small boats.

Very curious of all technical things, I have a wide range of interests including robotics, amateur radios, kernel drivers hacking and computer security. When not in front of a computer, I like to sail, take pictures and try to understand Yoga.

Thomas Sarlandie


Programmation iPhone OS3 a book in French on iPhone application programming, was published in october 2009 and was my first "dead-tree" publication.

Note: Several new editions have been published since. My friend Jean-Marc Lacoste is now maintaining the book.

Programmation iPhone OS3

Staying in touch

  • All of my projects, are hosted on GitHub and I actively review pull-requests. Contributions are always welcomed and much appreciated!
  • I keep track of professional contacts on LinkedIn and will gladly accept to connect if we have met or exchanged emails!
  • I am active on Twitter. I use it mainly as a source of good quality news and to exchange messages with cool people around the planet.
  • Finally my email address is my first name 'at' my last name '.net'.

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